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I'd like to have a cross fader control in the mixer section. Every pad, bank, and audio track would have an A/B/AB selector which assigned it to one (or both) sides of the cross fader.

In conjunction with send effects, cross faders are great for creating dubs from running loops.



  • This is already there...
    1 Assign a Macro to Channel A
    2 Assign same Macro to Channel B
    3 Edit Macro and change Channel B to min = 6db, max = -∞db
    Now your macro is a cross fader ;)

    OK to move this out from feature requests @panoramica ?

  • Sorry, @5pinlink

    That isnt at all what he asked for.
    and it's not what i asked for, either when i requested the exact same thing as @panoramica

    in the MIXER

    a/b selector per track, and a crossfader -- JUST LIKE ABLETON

    That is the request.

    I do not understand the work-around. I tried to assign multiple mixer faders to macros, but they only work when THAT bank is selected like every other macro. and not at all as what the actual request is.

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    Oh well, he didnt specifically say bank to bank, but i apologise ;)
    You will have to wait for global macros and buses ;)
    Or pad to pad audio would do it too.

  • Thanks both, yes I’m coming to BM3 from Ableton Live, so that’s the way I’d like it to work (unless there’s a better way).

  • The better way is the way i said, simply because pad to pad audio or buses and global macros gives us much much more.

  • I meant if the developers come up with a better way.

  • I listed the better ways based on things the developers have already said are on the list, but yeah i’ll Shut up :)

  • Thanks ;) It sounds like you keep a pretty close eye on things. If you do know what the developers have on their roadmap it would be useful to have a short explanation of the relevance and some idea of when / what version that feature is earmarked for. Cheers.

  • I have no idea at all, just what has been said here in the forum by the deve.

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