Mixer: "Show Selected Pads"

In addition to the existing "Show Pads" button, I'd like to have a button in the mixer which says "Show Selected Pads" (or similar). It would be great to have a view which showed me all the pads that I want to be able to control at a certain point in time. I have a huge iPad Pro 12.9 but I imagine that this would be useful for people with smaller hardware too.



  • So this would be multi select of pads, then show selected pads in the mixer ?

  • I envisaged something like a ‘pin’ button on each pad mixer channel.

    If the pin was activated, the channel would be visible in the pinned tracks mixer view, and/or in the main mixer view.

    Regardless of whether the pin was activated, the channel would also be visible in the expanded bank mixer view (the existing "show pads" view).
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