Split view

I have an iPad Pro 12.9". I'd like the ability to display two views at once, e.g. Sampler and Mixer.

This could be similar to the way the keyboard is shown below the Sampler currently (although I find that a bit hard to use, even on my big screen). Perhaps with some sort of resize control to control the split area.

I've used Ableton Live with Touchable and split views really help in hectic performance situations.


  • +1 on this. Even if it's a long term thing and some kind of optional ui overhaul/redesign that gives an option for the workflow/layout to be more like Cubasis. Feels very 'menu diving' when I'm switching BM3 page views so often and buttons scattered all over the place that could mostly just be in one permanent task bar along the top.
  • You mean Macros as a workaround? Not even ballpark solution sadly..
  • edited November 2017

    A macro is good for controlling some things, but it doesn’t provide enough feedback for complex operations like clip editing, and the dial is not well suited for on/off toggles.

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