Performance: Custom bank names above pads (bank select button/mode)

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I'd find it useful to see my custom bank names above the performance pads.

Currently when I rename a bank, the name only appears above the controls on the left hand side of the screen.

On the right hand side of the screen only A1, B1 etc are shown. This means I have to ask myself, 'which bank would that sound be in?'.



  • This wont work, when you have 8 banks, the tabs are too small to contain text, thats why it is just a letter.

  • Then just show the first N letters and I’ll do my naming with that in mind.

  • It only fits one letter

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    That is just three tabs, they change Size as you add more, but I will bow out now ;)

  • Thanks, I do realise that. But even having a letter of my choosing is better than an automatically assigned computer code. It saves having to tape an explanation to my iPad when I’m performing ;)

  • The other option is to use the small ‘1’ font to have a few custom characters on the ‘next line’. For the moment at least, there seems to be room in the interface for a ‘next line’.

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    Keeping in mind here that I have no say whatsoever in the development of Beatmaker, so I’m just stating my own personal opinion, I fail to see how a few user chosen letters are easier to read than rotating my eyes a couple of degrees to the left and reading the full name of the bank, again, this is just my opinion and that does not count for much I know.

    Seems like wasted development time, that is finite.

  • I agree that it adds no value when a bank is selected but it makes much difference when deciding which bank to select (in the heat of the mix).

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    Oh I can understand that fully and agree, but I still say that that tab system itself is outdated entirely, there should be a bank button on the right, press it and banks are disaplayed on the pads, you choose one and it automatically goes out of bank display mode and back to pad mode for the chosen bank, that is the only super fast way to access 16/64/128 banks

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    a bank select button is a great idea! I have also wanted the custom bank names to appear in the performance page, but agree that it would get scrunchy if you have more than a few banks. perhaps instead of scrunching the one row, the extra space below the existing row could be used, so the banks would only be 4 wide, 2 tall? you would still page around, but you could quickly read the bank names, or at least part of the names. bank select button would be great, though.

  • A bank select mode sounds like a great idea.

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