MPE functionality

Is BM3 going to support MPE?
Discuss :)


  • Pretty please, yes!
  • I wonder how the reading went
  • What is MPE?
    Explain :)

    Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression – or MPE – is a method of using MIDI which enables multidimensional devices like the Seaboard to control multiple parameters of every note within MPE-compatible software. Instruments like the Continuum, Soundplane, Linnstrument, and Seaboard let music­makers control pitch, timbre, and other nuances within each note.

  • Polyphonic expression, its for stuff like the Rolli keyboards.
    It's not for me personally, and if it is going to take a lot of development time i vote against it, just because it is a bit niche (For me personally, for anybody who wants it, i am not trying to beat up your cat or tell you that you're wrong)

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    Hmmm, thanks. Sounds like something for musicians. For me Bm3 is not about capturing the nuance of realtime performance so much as recording and chopping that fat ass audio boyee etc.

  • It would be great being able to fully use the Animoog and Model 15 keyboards with BM3, i.e. playing, recording and editing on the midi level. However, considering the still quite unfinished state of BM3, I’m willing to wait.

  • This is true. It's probably down the list a bit. It is a wonderfully expressive way to play the keyboard though. You just wiggle ur fingers on the keys and instant vibrato
  • I would love MPE support. Please, please make this happen

  • Is is already working?

  • any update on the MPE?

  • Unfortunately, in my honest opinion this will not happen unless the developer wants to get some more sales. They are probably working on BM4 which im sure will have it.

  • +100 animoog and model15 are my favorite instruments and are uselles for me without possibility to record these nuances in bm3 :(

  • @vincent When can we expect MPE support in BM3? You would make a lot of people very happy with this.

  • FWIW, if you pass all MIDI channels through, any AU which supports MPE will get the message(s).

    I've had pretty good luck playing with Synthmaster One driven by a Seaboard Block.

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