Keys switching to bank 1 during recording.

Not sure if this already reported?

Example - In song view, select track 5. Hit the keys icon. Start recording. After a couple of notes the keys switch to playing/recording bank A. Pretty frustrating...


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    So track 5 isn’t bank A but a different bank ?
    Definitely sounds bad :(

  • I couldn't replicate this. I started a new session, added 4 banks, loaded instruments onto banks A B and E, selected bank E, tapped the full screen keyboard icon, tapped record, played notes during preroll, and kept playing notes through recording a few bars, and it never switched. I removed the recorded pattern, set the loop range to 4 bars (which turned loop on), and I started recording again, starting on bank E. I then switched to bank A after the first loop and played keys into that, and then again for bank B, all without turning off record, and it did what I expected it to do. Maybe there are some other variables in your setup for this session?

  • Ok, now I've cleared those banks and loaded zeeon into pad 1 on each bank, and I think it just happened. You using AUs?

  • That project was a mix of sample banks and banks with an au synth on pad 1 (couple instances of zeeon and model 15).

    Can't seem to replicate it in a new session after quick attempt. But it's not first time ive hit the bug. Not sure what causes it... Just all of a sudden any bank/pad 'keys' recording switches to bank a pad 1 during recording..

    Pretty serious bug, hope someone with a keener eye can figure out whats triggering it..

    Another BM3 project/session abandoned :/
  • I will investigate this, it is related to keyboard mode used for AUv3/IAA's.

  • Still getting this bug after the recent update @mathieugarcia total vibe killer :(

  • Investigating that vibe killer right now @Heyez!

  • Sweet, tho you've already earned a good Christmas break this year dude! Maybe time to chill till 2018 ;)

  • @Heyez have you more information on this? Does Bank A involves a regular sampler instrument, or an AUv3. Same question for bank E (5).


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    This happened to me a week ago in a session with 4 banks, each with a different AUv3 loaded

    I was attempting to play a sequence into bank D in looped record mode, but after the first note everything recorded to Bank A instead.

    If I remember correctly, I had selected Bank D, set loop markers in song view, opened the keyboard and AU plugin ('performance?') view and then hit the record button before playing notes.

    NB - I've only had it happen once.

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