Edit Sample - Normalize Bug

I am on iPad Pro 2016 (12 9"), IOS 11.1.1 and using BM3 3.06

When I try to normalize a sample more than 3 or 4 times, BM3 will crash or the sample will go silent or will get audible clicks. I have successfully repeated this bug. I am not home to send a video. I was having this issue when I was on 3.03 but I thought it would have magically been addressed so I didn't mention anything lol. Has anyone else encountered this?



  • Hey @NoirFlux !

    Is Undo or Redo involved in the process? Is the sample playing while you normalize?


  • iPad Pro 2015, iOS 11.1.2 bm3 3.0.6
    Normalized a break 23 times, no crashes and no audio problems beyond the crushing distortion when I pushed the normalize beyond clipping. Does this happen to you with every time you normalize any sample more than 3 or 4 times? Are you going in and out of edit to normalize and do other things in between? What are the specs of the audio file you’re working with?

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    @mathieugarcia Hi Mathieu, Yes. I used undo/redo back and forth trying to find the optimal normalize setting for the sample.

  • @ronji Yes I was going in and out of the edit with the sample then pressing play to hear it in context with the entire mix. It was a .wav file that was imported from blocs wave. The size is just below 1mb in size. Thanks,

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