Rozeta Sequencer on beatmaker

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Does anyone know how to use Rozeta Sequencer (Bassline) in beatmaker 3


  • As far as I know BM3 3.0.7 will add support for AUv3 Midi Plug-Ins. Until then host them in AUM and select AUM as the mIdi input for the pad you wish to control with the Rozeta plug-in.

    As for the Bassline I find it almost equally fast to draw the notes in BM3's sequencer...

  • Thank you Samu

  • Can you transpose user sequences in Bassline using BM3 keys? Giving bm3 something like the sunrizer step sequencer? What's the Bassline step limit? Sorry for all the q's!

    Haven't copped Odessa yet but curious to check it out alongside BM3 3.0.7
  • Once BM3 gets AUv3 Midi Support (3.0.7) then yes, you can transpose the Bassline with the keyboard and/or record it's midi-output into a pattern etc.

    This is where I'd love to see a 'midi record arm' feature so incoming midi would not always be recorded to all tracks... (even arm midi recording for individual pads since each pad can host an AUv3 Midi plug-in that would be outputting midi continuously). If no such feature pops up the tracks will get crowded very fast...

  • Cool :) yep, big +1 on the 'midi rec arm'!
  • @samu +1 great idea

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