MIDI import weirdness

I have a problem with importing MIDI files. When I drag and drop a MIDI file I get the transpose menu, but when I press import nothing gets imported. After that some functions stop responding, like creating new tracks and some of the buttons in the bottom toolbar. I made a screen recording to demonstrate it.

Let me know if I’m doing something wrong.

Here is the video:


  • I cant watch that video on my phone (loaner till my replacement arrives) are you sure it is not importing though ?
    Sometimes it imports weirdly and youhave to scroll the step editor right up to find the notes on the upper numbered pad lanes.

    Non responsive is not good either :(
    MIDI import is pretty terrible right now, the developers do know this and are thinking about how to make it more robust.

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    I’m sure that nothing is imported because no pattern is created after I drag and drop the midi file.

  • Aaaah not good, what type of MIDI file is it ?
    Can you upload it so i can try it?

  • I tried several files. Here are some of them (dropbox links):
    8 bars
    4 bars

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    Yeah just more MIDI import weirdness, I am not getting the non responsive thing happening but the files don't open, open them in Reaper and do a straight re-save and they open fine.
    I will pass these files on to @mathieugarcia to add to the growing list of imports that don't work, what created them out of interest ?

    Yours are type 1 by the way, Reaper converts them to type 0, are you able to save to type 0 ?

  • I exported them from Studio One. The export dialog has no option for MIDI file type. I'll try to convert them to type 0 and try the import again, though I remember I could import MIDI files exported from S1 in some previous BM3 version.

    I converted my video to gif. I used a low frame rate to make a smaller file so some action are not visible. I'm demonstrating that I can add tracks or duplicate, move and delete scenes, but only before I try to import a MIDI file.

    I hope you'll be able to see it now.

  • I will retest, I wasn't even looking at scene mode, i was in song mode.

  • Thanks a lot for your help.

  • I've only been dropping midi files straight onto the piano roll.
    (melodic midi's)
    go into the pattern, select the pad, click the little keyboard icon to get to the melodic piano roll - drag and drop directly to the piano roll


  • @5pinlink I converted my MIDI files from 1 to 0 using a free utility called GN1:0 from gnmidi.com and the problem is gone. I can drop MIDI files directly in both song and scene modes.

    @DeanDaughters that trick now also works.

    Thanks for the assistance guys.

    This is probably a BM3 bug since I could load those files in Modstep without issues. As I said earlier, I'm quite sure that I was able to import MIDI files, that I also exported from Studio One, in one of the previous BM3 version with no problem, so this bug must be introduces later.

  • Good stuff, you have a work around, hopefully they look at MIDI soon.
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