Make things easier for those who primarily use plugin and IAA and the SONG/SCENE/PHRASE page

I want to "love BM3" but can't. I would use my BM3 more often if it presented a more (simpler) Gadget/Ableton Session style user interface to the user - with more focus on hosted plugins/IAA rather than sampling and the Pad-oriented behaviour?
BM3 clearly has all the features under-the-hood many of us want but to me - even though it HAS ableton-type features in it - seems to hinder me from wanting to get going with something.
Which AUM and Gadget don't.


  • So what is the request here ?
    Easier access to plugin UIs ?
    Individual tracks per plugin in the arranger ?
  • Have you looked at Modstep yet? The hindrance you're referring to is the bank structure. Modstep is a simplified version of BM3 with a vertical scene/clip arranger.
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