Multiple audio outs

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Hi. I’d like to route each bank of a BM3 song to various outputs within the IPad. I’ve tried BM3 opened within AUM and AB3 but the only output option I get within BM3 is headphones out. Can it be done?
Thanks much


  • Anybody running AUM and can confirm this, it is possible via extra hardware outputs
  • At some point it would be nice to have BM3 available as an IAA/AUv3 plugin.
    This is on the long list of feature requests!

  • In order to use multiple 'real' outputs in AUM or AB3 the output device must support it.
    Some apps do provide multiple 'virtual outputs' as IAA-Generators.

    So what I guess is questioned here is being able to feed say each BM3 'Bank' as a separate 'virtual output' to AUM or AB3.
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