Set Key or Root note?

Am I missing something? Most other apps seem to accept a scale in a specific key? the piano roll and pad notes then adhere to this... help??


  • Just to add to that image, the word octave can be pressed and it chsnges to semitone ;)
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    oh sorry I think I accidentally missed the semitones. cheers for this!
  • Old post, but comes closes to my question. If I import a sound that happens to be in F onto first pad, it defaults to C but the sound plays in F. When I change the semitones so the first pad is now at F to match the sample, the sample sounds totally different. How do you change the root note of the pad from c to the key of your sample before you load it so it gets loaded at its original key (F)?

  • I believe you can go to the mapping page and change the root note there. It's what you would do if you had a set of samples for an instrument at different notes, you set the root note and range up and down. If I had my iPad with me I'd take a screenshot.

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