Live stretch ignores time sig changes

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It would be very useful when time stretching if 00:00 started with that slice. That way its clear if the duration of the slice works with the tempo. There could be negative timing if this were implemented.


  • Can you explain further, I haven’t even seen timestretch when slicing ?

  • When you are stretching a sample, the time markers stretch in relation to 00:00, ie. the start of the sample. I think there is something to be said for implementing the time markers to stretch from the sample start point; its easier to visualize the duration the sample will now play for.

    A separate request that I would also make would be for slices to be stretched independently (as well as pitched, eqd, etc.) I wonder if there could be a slice/sample toggle where changes made would effect the entire sample or just the selected slice.  
  • Yeah I'm still lost on this one to be honest.
    If you slice a sample and save to pads, they can then be pitched/EQd etc fully independent of each other)

    I am still unsure what you mean by time markers stretching in relation to 00:00, stretching as it is now just stretches an entire sample from start to end, there are no markers that i have seen, or slices, there has been a lot of requests for warp markers that would allow you to place markers in the sample and then stretch between those markers for timing warping or fixing.
  • Im moving this to the thread, it was a message from @bcrichards
    Turns out when he explained, he has found a bug in the live stretch;)

    There are time/beat markers in the sample view. I think it would be useful if there was an option for the beat markers to start at 0 from a slice point/warp marker without having to trim the sample. If I want to take the section above and stretch it to be 1/3 of a measure instead of 1/4, I have to approximate it visually. If the start of the slice lined up with 0 in the markers, then I could stretch it more precisely.   

    I think warp markers would probably be a smoother implementation, or solve more than one problem. My issue with slicing to pads is a. you can't make global changes to a sample once its been done, ie. you can't change the pitch for all pads at once and b. there doesn't seem to be any way for beatmaker to accept midi from external sequencers after its been sliced to pads (or rather beatmaker accepts note data to the selected pad).
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    My reply which warrants a bug report on this. (Moved to bug reports)

    Aaah ok, i think you have found a bug to be honest, not requesting a feature 

    If you detect tempo of the selected slice it should come up as 1:4 (A single quarter note)
    Now if you change that to 1:3, it should change to what you want in my book, because you can change the BPM and it will change the BPM of that slice, so the live stretch is not updating based on sig changes.

    I am going to move this back to the thread if thats ok, its not off topic , its an important bug you found 
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    Yeah this is all kinds of messed up actually, i was able to detect tempo of selected slice, i have restarted BM 3 to test again and now it will only detect tempo of the entire sample ???

    Pretty sure now that when i managed to detect tempo of a single slice, that was a bug and it cant be done, this is really strange.
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