AUi - Axon 02 - Audio Damage

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[App Store]("App Store")

Size - 23mb
IOS - 9.3+
Format - AU/Standalone

Post any issues you have found.



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    @StudioES said:
    Yearly wipeout.

    What do you mean by "yearly wipeout"? edit* Oh I see you're editing out all your comments. May I ask why?

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    Some crashes (iOS 9.3.1 @ iPad Pro 10,5"). When crashes it clear your adjustments so is safer if you save it in a preset.
    It starts to sound rigth on BM play. You have midi notes to aditionally trigger individual sounds.
    There is also a midi note to trigger Axon pulses. You can stop his sequencer by setting sync to internal (and pressing his play-"Int clock" button to really stop it, wich seems a little bug) to make it sound only when you want. However, seems it behaves differently, like with different (lower) threshold levels (the sounds triggers more frequently).

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