AUi - Kauldron - Yonac Inc

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Size - 30.3mb
IOS - 10.3+
Format - AU/Standalone

Post any issues you have found.



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    I'm really starting to enjoy using this synth more in projects, and think it's highly underrated.

    One thing it does get slightly criticised for is a large number of weak presets, so I was pleased to discover a free add-on bank of 151 new presets by two of the synth's fans, Janik and Keenan. More info (and a Dropbox link for the presets) here from Doug Woods at thesoundtestroom:

    Bank download link (Dropbox):
    (open the file with Kauldron, not BM3 ;))

  • Awesome stuff !!!
    I only use Spawn and tweak myself to be honest, it made me really enjoy this synth.

  • Another free preset bank (Discovery One) by Janik here:

    Get it quick, this one may be time limited

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