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  • Nice one :) Mellotron was on my list of instruments to port from desktop at some point. Guessing these are different samples and some instruments missing from gforce mtron Pro I was planning to convert, but definitely useful and nice as a mtron go-to til I get round to porting. Which in all likelihood will be never ;) cheers!
  • Yeah these are nothing to do with the Mtron Pro, these are the Leisureland tapes.
    I will make some of my own when i have finished rebuilding the old Philips Reel to Reel, if you have anything you want firing through the tape, just let me know.

  • Sweet :) Will have a think ;)

    Getting a weird thing with the bank. Tried to make some little changes (8 voice poly per pad/instrument, loop alternate per instrument, default release as zero). But enabling 'loop alternate' is having no effect, sample still stops at its end point. And its not letting me save changes. I save bank/overwrite but then when I open BM3 again its all reverted to the same state as when I downloaded.. And also weirdly when I'm playing the keys along the bottom of the sample edit screen there's no playback cursor scrubbing though the sample. Which I'm sure usually happens? Any ideas? Tried switching iPad off/on...
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    Also getting the graphic glitch I mentioned in another post when I hit the keys icon and play these samples with the keys @mathieugarcia

    Wondering if my BM3 install is flaky if everyone else isn't getting the little white blue lines flicking up on the keys screen. Hopefully installing the next update will iron it out, if it's just me with the glitches etc...
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    1st when you save the bank, Beatmaker is telling you it is saving to the same location, it isn't, it's completely full of s**t, go up the folders and you will see a new folder with the bank you saved with the changes ;)
    2nd Make sure you have the right sample selected, the fact you cant see the cursor would suggest that the wrong sample is selected, you will need to select the sample that is in the key range you are playing (This has 37 multi samples i think) same goes for the looping, each and every sample in the multi sample will need to have its looping changed, sounds like you are changing one that is not in the key range you are playing (Again the cursor harks back at this)

    The problem is some stuff is layer and some is sample specific, so you can change the polyphony and it will be set for all the samples in the layer, but changing loop will only change the loop for that selected sample, there are no global controls, its a shame really.

    I should have put the polyphony up before uploading it to be honest, ill fix that and re-up when i get chance.

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    Ah, got it. Thanks.

    OK.... This needs some fine tuning @mathieugarcia ;)

    Should be a 'global samples' button so stuff like changing loop setting applies to ALL samples/notes in an instrument as a whole and can be applied from the sample edit page whilst on ANY key, without having to navigate to a key that contains a sample etc.

    Also the fact that when I save the changes in a bank and it asks me if I want to overwrite, and I say yes, and then it doesn't actually overwrite the same bank, it instead makes a new one....Is REALLY confusing. Makes no sense in relation to every other save/overwrite process I ever used!?
  • All stuff i have wanted since day one, and now you are seeing why :(

    On a better note, what are you doing looping Mellotron samples anyway, that is just wrong on so many levels hahaha.

  • Yeah can see why you'd want those functions added.

    Haha, yeah just wanted to turn on 'loop fwd>bwd' for long bass notes under changing chord shapes. Otherwise sounds weird when they drop out, like random voice stealing or something ;) Wasnt setting short loop points ;) that'd suck on Mellotron sounds!
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  • If you need a hand let me know @StudioES ;)
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    Yeah posting them would be a risk for sure, when Apple obtained Alchemy they also put in a special little addendum to the deal, they purchased Alchemy with all 3rd party content too, and as far as i am aware, to this day non of the 3rd parties recieved a penny, not Apple in the wrong by the way, that....hmmm lets be polite....nice young fellow who sold it to them.

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