Show scroll bars on scrollable areas

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  1. Import sample from dropbox
  2. Move to Samples folder
  3. Click Edit
  4. Select sample
  5. Click "Tag"
  6. Click "Edit Category"
  7. Click "+"
  8. Add category "FX"
  9. Click "OK"
  10. Nothing happens. New category not listed in categories.

I am using the default "User Pack".



  • It definitely works here ?

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    Here’s a video of it not working:
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    Why aren't you scrolling down to look for it ?
    They aren't listed alphabetically (no idea why not by the way) so it wont be above Piano if that is what you are expecting, i created pads and it was way down the list, i had to scroll down to find it.

    PS if you post videos to you tube they will play direct in the forum ;)
  • Scroll down which part of the screen? I’m expecting it to appear in the centre column, somewhere below the Edit Category heading. The list which appears there ends half way down the screen, which indicates to me that it doesn’t need scrolling. If it ended below the end of the screen I would definitely scroll. Can you please explain what you do differently?

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    Aaah ok I see. Edit category and Sub category are 2 half-height panes with hidden scroll bars. If I swipe the Edit category pane I get to see more tags. I don’t see the point in hiding UX features like this, it just ruins the usability and leads to stupid questions like mine.

  • Ok shall i move this to feature requests then ?
    "Full screen tag editor"

  • Yes please - "Show scroll bars on scrollable areas"

  • As an example, there is a visible horizontal scroll bar below the sample waveform.

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