Mixer: GAIN range when using keyboard entry

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I'm setting the gains on my normalised samples, to match my mixer levels. This is because I'm importing songs as banks, and I don't think that my mixer levels are going to be imported with my patterns.

But I'm having trouble setting the gains using the keyboard:

  1. The fader on my mixer channel is set to -18dB.
  2. When I open the sample, the gain is set to -6.0dB
  3. I double-tap the encoder, the popup reads -6.0dB
  4. I double-tap -6.0dB and the popup reads "GAIN. Enter value between 0.00 and 3.98".
  5. I ignore this and enter -18 and click OK
  6. The GAIN now reads -infinity dB
  7. I double-tap the encoder again and hit Reset
  8. I manually move the dial to -18dB

The -18dB setting is possible by rotating the encoder, but not by entering a value.

If I just don't understand how this works, can someone please explain it to me? Thanks.

(Edit: I realise I should probably set the value to -24 to compensate for the original setting)


  • Set it to 0.12 and it will give you -18db, don't ask me why, i dont know, I even messaged @mathieugarcia about this nonsense again last night, this needs sorting out sharpish, and it is not just the gains, it is most of the dials.

    Need to make a full list to point him at to be honest.

  • Thanks - I'll use the French decimal system for now ;-)

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