White/blue lines graphics glitches

Anyone else getting these?

Haven't had time for proper testing but seems maybe related to multisampled instruments?

I have them happen after hitting the 'keys' icon and play some notes. Thin white/blue horizontal lines on the screen somewhere toward top/left.

Happened when I tried to make a multisampled instrument using some samples from the recent Samples From Mars deal. And also today when using one of @5pinlink Mellotron instruments.

Any ideas @mathieugarcia?


  • Yes they're there for me too
  • Yup, can confirm there is currently a small OpenGL glitch with our widget library.

  • Cool, thanks for the confirm @mathieugarcia good to hear it's not an issue with my iPad/install/3rd party etc :) 
  • Its weird, I'm still not getting them here, your are on an Air 2 aren't you @Heyez ?
  • @5pinlink I'm on a 2017 9.7"... Not sure what the correct name for that model is!?

    Only started noticing it after I tried to build instruments with the Samples From Mars multisamples. But noticed today its happening for me with your Mellotron instruments too. Think I've only had it on the 'keys' screen...
  • Ok, any combo of touches or anything i can try, feeling left out hahahahaha
  • I get these graphical glitches from time to time and when I do I try to screenshot them.
    My gut says than when multiple UI elements are stacked on top of each other the glitches are most likely to surface or when one layer is static and another one has moving elements...
  • 5pinlink said:
    Ok, any combo of touches or anything i can try, feeling left out hahahahaha
    You can try loading a bank with 64 pads (empty or not) in performance or sampler view bounce into 16 pads view then switch to back to 64 pads mode and you might see some graphical glitches there. 
  • Nope nothing, i think my ipad GFX are screwed lol
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