Sampler: Loop play start offset

edited December 2017 in Feature Requests
I do a lot of work with audio loops. 

I’d like an option to move the play start position after the loop start position.

For example:
  • Sample starts at 1.1.1 and ends at 5.1.1
  • Loop starts at 1.1.1 and ends at 5.1.1
  • Play starts at 1.3.1
This means that when the sample is played, it starts at 1.3.1, plays until 5.1.1, then loops around and plays from 1.1.1.

I could slice the loop to replicate this, but that gets tricky when the loop has baked-in delays and reverbs, as there’s the potential for gaps.

I’d also like to be able to macro/automate this parameter.



  • If I don't recall wrong being able to trigger the sample at alternate start points is in the long request list.
    Coming from a tracker background I do miss this feature a LOT...
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