Linked pads will show a lighted preview from its opposing page in the sampler view window of the 64 pads grid.  This is a nice little touch. The little things count. 


  • @StudioES haha! I actually didn’t know that. 

    Here’s another. Kinda silly but...not to me.  We may not be able to use emoticons, but many unicodes work when you name things. Including project namesaves.  I use it for organization purposes with these tiny pads to remind myself what I’m doing sometimes.  With such little screen real estate this helps me.

    Just search the web. Copy and paste. Here’s some handy ones:

    ♩♪ ♫ ♬♮♭ ♯ ½ ¼ ⅛ ⅟㎑ ㎐ ㏈

  • Renamed thread for making searches easier ;)
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