Possible bug with rozeta.

So I load up rozeta rhythm and map the midi for the drums. It all works fine until you switch to a different bank then the sound cuts out. Have rebooted iPad Pro latest iOS and still same issue.


  • What does your midi setup look like in settings?

  • Ah, interesting! You're trying to learn them via focus action. Focus actions are for actual MIDI hardware, and all events are directed to the currently selected bank (hence "focus").

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    Try the following:

    • New session
    • Setup Bank A with Rozeta Rhythm or any other MIDI generator.
    • Create a new empty bank (B), enter MIDI Setup from the Bank panel. Then, MIDI port: Rozeta Plugin from Bank A, Mode: Single Channel, Channel 10 (or the channel you selected in Rozeta).
    • Now enable 64 pads mode on bank B, and/or use octave Up/Down arrows to see what pads Rozeta is triggering. Just drag'n'drop the samples you want on them
    • Done!
  • No need to see what pads Rozeta is triggering, you can change what pads it triggers in Rozeta :)

  • Yes. It’s not working. It sounds like crap unless I use the focus. It’s only triggering the first bits of the sample. I followed Matthieu instructions. No joy. I have to leave for a while but I can post detailed video later.

  • Im guessing you are trying to put Rozeta in the same bank that the drum hits are in, this will work for the melodic Rozeta plugins, but not the drums, you need to put Rozeta drum plugin in a bank on its own and then send MIDI between the banks.

    I have started a thread for AU MIDI tutorials, but here is the video for Rhythm to get you started.

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