BeatMaker battle 3 WINNER!!!

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  • Heyez gets my vote. Magical. (so is that mask)

    Well done.

  • And my vote went to tk32 :)

  • I voted tk32 as well, well done guys!

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    Thanks guys..

    Here's a few words from Derrick May (circa 1993) set to @DeanDaughters Copper Kit:

  • @tk32 for me. Sounded like he totally nailed the vibe/sounds he was aiming for on that track :)

    And thanks peeps for those votes/kinds on my entry :)

  • By the way folks, I am taking the reigns for the Xmas Battle, there is a good reason and i want the winner of this to be able to enter too, the winner of this can take the reigns back for January.

  • We all look forward to a taking part in your Crimbo Limbo @5pinlink

  • Btw, if the winner will be involved there's no reason why we can't start the next battle before voting finishes.

    Fancy posting the Xmas battle rules tonight?

  • Yep when i get 5 mins spare i shall do :)

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    Dammit @tk32 you killed that prodigy remake! So good. It reminds me of those videos on YouTube where the guy remakes classic prodigy tunes in ableton and goes over all of the samples and whatnot, and it makes me want you to do an overview video of your track in bm3. It’s not identical, which I can tell was intentional, and it makes you think of how similar but different it is from the original, and you smashed it. Had to give you props on that! Oh and I still want to hear your iron shirt jungle biz you mentioned in the other thread. =)

    But I gave my vote to @Heyez. Loved the vibes, and it felt really original and well finished. Just pure vibes - innit. All subs were great this round!

  • @ronji
    I appreciate the high praise for what was technically just a fun copy of the original. The hardest bit was chopping all the original samples and creating a rave stab in iM1. I'd be happy to share the session file with you, but you'll need Zeeon and Poison-202 installed for it to load fully. P.s. The iron shirt mix (165bpm) never quite got finished, but i'll share that with you too if interested.

  • @tk32 totally interested in both =) thanks!

  • @ronji You do realise that guy doing the prodigy tunes in Ableton was Jim Pavlov, the developer of Poison 202 :)

  • @5pinlink haha holy crap I hadn’t made that connection. Explains why Poison is so badass

  • Yep hahaha, anything he makes is on autobuy haha

  • Thanks for the kind words @ronji :)

  • Congratulations to all 4 of you who got something made and entered!! <3

    This is a really tough vote for me - really nice work you guys!

    @tk32 - Gets my vote. The amount of work put in is evident and the track does not disappoint --- such a great entry all around! (Really fabulous arranging as well) :D

    @lukesleepwalker - this is downright sexy bro - love this entry! Plus the swagga here just totally makes my head nod - the dramatic pause-breaks where you chopped stuff is so tight! nice one :D

    @brandnu87 - Dude, seriously - so bad ass!! :o Nice sample chopping, very well-produced and mixed! Nice to have some serious hip hop flava coming to the battles, bro - hope you stick around! :D

    @Heyez - oh snap! :p This is amazing and delicious man! Really, really original sound and perfectly executed - you brought the heat!

  • Thanks for kinds @DeanDaughters :)

    Looks like this'll maybe be a draw. If it is then I'm more than happy for you to make the next challenge rules @tk32 dude :)
    I made rules on one not long ago so all good!

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  • @triton100 haha, thanks man :) thanks people for listens/votes.

    @tk32 great production on your track dude :) I already set a battle brief pretty recently so if you're down for it I'm happy to duck out and let you take the lead on battle 04 :)

  • Thank you all, and thanks to @Heyez for letting me set the rules for Battle 4 in January

    My country was UK, and I live not too far from where The Prodigy made (and filmed the video for) 'Out of Space' - a seminal track in the UK rave scene of the early 90s (if sightly commercial)

    I'm focusing on the Christmas challenge ATM (gotta get all those goodies!) but will have a good think about how we can kick 2018 off with a challenge that everyone can get immersed in.

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