Saved Solo, is a NoNo, when a session is re-GoGo = (re-opened) :p

edited December 2017 in Bug reports

I know I’ve mentioned this before somewhere, and I’m sure it was fixed. If it was, it’s back.

After saving a session with a track in Solo, it is NoNo longer Solo when reopened.

The title says it all.. but when I’m in the mood to write. ;)





  • edited December 2017

    Its weird, i know this has been reported, i know this wasnt fixed, i know i never pushed the report to fixed, but cant find it either.

    Wonder if it was just a secondary comnent on a different report haha ?

    Anyway will be back in the list the next time i refresh ;)

  • Yeah weird one man.

    I just looked through my original thread/email, not in there.

    Secondly comment it must have been, it will turn up somewhere. Either through searching or my memory lol



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