BM3 Xmas Beat Battle 01 Ends Jan 9th

1st prize haul !!

Roland A-01
Read about it here

It doesnt have the keys add on, its just the Synth/Sequencer/BT controller, mini keys pftt !! Lol![]
It's new, been out of its box to test, that is all.

iMect LTD have generously given us a DJPlayer EM for the winner (This is one serious kick ass DJ app)
Read about it here

Brambos has generously given us a Troublemaker/Ripplemaker and wait for it, wait for it Rozeta (I peed a little !!!!)
Read about them here

JimAudio has generously smacked the prizes up with a Poison 202 (It's an Omen i swear)
Read about it here

Beepstreet Has generously given us a bunch of Zeeons so 1st/2nd/3rd get a licence each, and there are two more licences (Seriously, I am stunned by all of this generosity right now !!) so the extra two licences i am having as my own pick of the two funniest/weird or freaky entries outside the top 3 :)
Read about it here

2nd and 3rd

Will both receive a pack of their choice from the Intua sound store (Thank you Intua :) )

If anybody else wants to donate prizes just PM me.

1 Make something Beatmaker 3 Christmas themed, I dont care if it is a song a sample bank or a video of you dressed as Rudolf bussing some finger beats, go paint a damn picture of @mathieugarcia fighting with a snowman, I dont care, as long as it is christmas and BM3 Please. (The funnier it is will get more votes, it's christmas!!)
2 Everything must be an original work that you own, if its a sample bank then BM3 users can use it freely etc.
3 If you aren't a forum regular and you are posting a song " Made in BM3" you will need to post a session file (no exceptions, this competition is for supporters of BM3)



  • Yooooooo wot??? This thing looks amazing. Want.

    I need to get working on my submission idea ASAP.

  • Count me in!!

  • Super generous @5pinlink! Was actually looking at this Roland box recently. Would solve a bunch of connectivity scenarios for me. Hopefully will find time to make something and enter...

    Nice one for doing this for the forum dude :)

  • Intua have donated a sound pack from the store for 2nd and 3rd places, awesome stuff !!!!!

  • Woohooo !!!!
    iMect have just given us a DJPlayer essentials for the winner too, I want to enter this myself now hahaha, Everybody knows i am a huge huge fan of DJPlayer !!!!!

  • F*** yeah !!!!
    A bunch of prizes in from the boss of AU, brambos :)

  • Holy shit - this keeps getting better.

    Time to get to work!

  • @tk32 said:
    Holy shit - this keeps getting better.

    Time to get to work!

    Erm, check again !!!!!!!!! (JimAudio and Beepstreet have entered the building)
    This is awesome, i'm starting to feel cheeky, every developer i have contacted (just the ones that are recommended here a lot in the forum) have been so generous !!!

  • That's great news - though I would like to add that any self-respecting iOS or BM3 musician should already have purchased all of these awesome AUv3 plugins at full price :p

  • These beat battles are a rad idea. Massive props to all the contestants and Developers. If there's a next one, maybe I'll try.

  • Been working with Beat Maker 3 on my iPad Pro 12.9 for almost 2 weeks now and its now my main DAW. I plan to enter this contest you guys better get to work! For videos daily using BM3 here’s my Instagram: FlameOnTheBeat and YouTube BM3 videos of me making a beat

  • How is everyone doing with this?

    I've had a bit of a slow start with all my other family commitments, but hoping to have a focused BM3 jam session in the next few days where I can get an xmas-themed track finished in time.

  • I'm in the same boat. Got my idea, getting started today.

  • I had an idea for a sample bank, if i find time is a different matter lol

  • Tried something here. LOL. Created using Kauldron, iSymphonic, Model 15, Tines, Jussi, some drums and an 808. LOL...Enjoy "The Day After Christmas."

  • How do you submit the song?

  • SoundCloud, YouTube or Dropbox is easiest.

    Just paste the URL here and the forum creates an embed automatically.

  • @dafingaz - Really nice job on that entry, bro! :D

  • @kkcoote said:
    How do you submit the song?

    I uploaded the video to YouTube then copied the embed code to a post here. Good luck!

  • @DeanDaughters said:
    @dafingaz - Really nice job on that entry, bro! :D

    LOL. Thanks. Really getting into a workflow with the app. Just need to figure out how to get more space on my iPad. LOL.

  • Should probably add a couple days to extend this out, new years is just a bit too busy to expect everybody to finish up by.

  • Agreed. Can we possibly extend this until 6/7 Jan?

  • Yeah will do

  • I appreciate they extension. I'd probably submit some half finished something otherwise =)

  • edited January 2018

    Since this thread has gone so quiet, could I kindly ask everyone planning to post an entry to please post a quick message and let us know? There have been some incredibly generous gifts put up for this challenge, and I really hope everyone makes a special effort to contribute a fun -- even if not completely polished -- track (or other submission)

    As for me, I am still really behind but hope to have something ready by the end of this weekend (6th Jan)

  • I’m still in. I’ve got an unfinished track but it’s got the idea enough to the point that I’ll submit it even if I can’t manage to finish it.

  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • You guys can decide on that

  • Let's aim for Sunday 6th, as planned, and if there's still the promise of a few delayed entries (like @triton100) we could push it back to 8/9th at the latest.

    It would still be great for other users to let us know they are preparing a track...

  • Same situation as @triton100... Started something but just had no time lately for music :( Will try for Sunday but a lot on this wknd too.

    Good stuff in here so far BTW :)

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