Sampler: loop drifts out of sync

edited December 2017 in Bug reports

I can’t undo far enough to do a video, but this is what I experienced:

  1. load a looping drum sample which does not divide evenly by 4 (as it includes a delay after the last loop)
  2. create a 4 bar loop area, offset slightly from the start (so I can’t use grid snap)
  3. confirm that loop duration is 004:0:0 (* is this actually the sample duration?)
  4. activate metronome
  5. play loop
  6. after a few repetitions, loop drifts out of time
  7. trim loop
  8. loop duration is now shown as 004:0:39 (last 2 digits were something like this)
  9. change loop duration to 004:0:0
  10. loop stays in time

It seems that the loop region accuracy is misreported, which is why it drifts out of sync.



  • I suspect that I might be able to get a better result by viewing & setting the loop points in bars and beats, rather than seconds - i’ll try that from now on.

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