File manager: align file browser with Dropbox browser

I tried uploading a bank of samples to Dropbox but it failed at some point. I’m trying to manually compare the local file list with what is in Dropbox, but the vertical offset makes it tricky. Could the left column come down by a line, to align? (Sorry, screenshot upload not working here)


  • Actually on second thoughts, this does little to solve the issue. Some sort of synchronisation feature would be preferable.

  • This and the fact it is smaller and makes upload quicker is why i always zip first, but if you want access to single files that's no good for you.

    The problem with Dropbox development is that it has to be supported by their SDK, do any other Dropbox apps have sync or parity checks ?

  • Thanks for the suggestion. What’s your workflow for zipping?

  • Press edit in the browser, select files, press zip ;)

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    Ah, thanks, I see that you have to do this in Samples, you can’t do it in Banks (or for samples saved with Banks)

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    After some poking around, it appears that banks do not have to be stored in Bank Presets for BM3 to find them. This means that I can zip the whole Session and upload that to Dropbox. It’s also super handy how the Edit button reveals duplicates and file paths. Good stuff.

  • Go and look at sime of the stuff i have uploaded in the Resources forum, you will see that full desktop structures are full possible (check out set drums for deep split foldering)

  • .Thanks will do.

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