Sequencer: Pattern numbering/ordering

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The existing numbering would be more useful if I could change the order. Alternatively I can add my own numbering to the pattern names, but then i’d like an option to sort by the name.

The background story is that I am converting songs into banks. To rebuild the tracks, I created patterns, then scenes, and built up the song. I realised that the scenes made the song redundant so I focussed on the scenes. Then I realised that I couldn’t store my scenes with the bank. So then I numbered my patterns in the order which they would play if they were a song. This lets me load the patterns, get an instant feel for the song structure, then launch whichever bit feels right in the context of whatever else I’m doing.


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    I havent checked this, but pattern number is just the name isnt it, so renaming completely removes the pattern number doesn't it ?
    Not by iPad right now.

  • Hmm no, it keeps the track helper list order doesn't it lol.

    Sorry ignore me !!!

  • :wink: yep, Scene names can be completely changed, but Pattern names can’t.

  • They can but it is a workaround and would be a pita, you create a new track and drag them to the new track from the track helper in the order you wsnt them numbered.
    Like i say a pita, sorry its the best workaround i can think of while away from pad.

  • Yup that makes sense - thanks :)

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