Consolidated feature requests (Improving workflow and performance controls with UI adjustments)

edited December 2017 in Feature Requests

1. Remove the x top left corner as keys page is now accessed by the side navigator. The toggling keys is unnecessary, users should just link back to another page using the side navigator icons. Move keys up to the centre with the other page access icons
2. Remove the macro controls. They are unnecessary because they can be accessed by the side bar.
3. Use the available space to increase the size of the keyboards.
4. Remove the octave semitone zoom button. Replace it with a pinchable display of the full keyboard, see Cubasis and SampleTank. Remove the glissando with a lock icon. Combine the zoom and double keyboard control with icons that have pupup controls like GarageBand.
5. Remove velocity button. Add a setting in preferences for velocity keys, like Cubasis.
6. Remove scale chords button and sidebar. Scales and chords are set in the Bank > Pad menu
7. Replace Sustain with an icon placed near lock icon
8. If scales are active, change keyboard to all white keys
9. Settings > keys can have note names or numbers (I-VII)

Upper Navigation Sidebar (global)
6. Create new icons in upper area of navigator side bar for global features.
A. Menu icon (menu fullscreen with dimmed transparency over inactive screen parts)
B. Save Icon (quick save default, save as long press for pop up.
C. Browse icon (Fullscreen) contains Pad layout from sampler edit screen as sidebar, search and browser area with folder and folder contents as remaining screen (see BeatHawk)
D Remove Link icon, link turned on in menu settings

Middle Navigation Sidebar (pages)
A. Performance pads
B. Keyboard
C. Sampler editor
E. Arranger

Lower Navigation Window (sidebars toggled on or off)
1. Create 1 new icon
A. Pattern window icon (sidebar) (disable accessing patterns from tapping window. Toggle using icon, suggested P.)
C. the F.X. Icon
D. the macro icon

Performance page sidebar
1. Chords, Scales removed and embedded in bank > Pad menu
2. 16/64 pads removed and embedded in bank menu
A. Bank menu, Keys, Select, Mute, Solo, Scene, Pad Page MOVED TO SIDEBAR, area right and below pads used to expand size of pads
B. Trigger (velocity), modulation, pitch roll and sustain consolidated

Note about Mute Solo: bank tabs are affected by mute solo functions creating undesired effect. Bank tabs should only be used for navigating pages. Remove mute solo function. Remove bank menus from bank tab. A long tap on a bank tab should allow drag and reorder

Pattern window sidebar (previously discussed)
1. All banks contain by default 128 patterns. They can’t be renumbered, created or deleted, only copied, pasted, and cleared. Patterns can be reordered by a reorder tool. Patterns can have batch functions (copy paste between banks and clear. Batch tool can select one, multiple or all. All banks by default save patterns and by default do not copy samples. If a bank is saved with changes the program prompts the user to overwrite or save new with option to copy samples and WRITE PATTERNS
2. Each pattern has a submenu
A. Length, Key Sig.
B. Write
C. Copy
D. Paste
E. Clear
E. Above the pattern list is a bank play stop control. It activates the toggled pattern. It has NO EFFECT on the playing track. This is controlled separately on scenes and arranger pages respectively
F. Below pattern list is batch pattern and reorder control

Change Files to import, choose from list of apps including files and AudioShare to link to

Lastly, cowbell. We need more cowbell.


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