Sequencer: Song: Provide a way to cancel auto jump to new play position (green flag)

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From the manual:

Tap on any bar to set the current play position at this location.

I’m not sure if this refers to the place where pressing play will play from, or to the little green flag. I’m referring to the little green flag. I always set it by accident, and the play head always jumps to it after 1? bar. I’d like to prevent this from happening.


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    It jumps to it (time) and its placement itself is defined by the snap size (your snap is on 1 bar i guess ? )
    No way to turn off yet though, but you can put it on free and place the playhead wherever you like.

    This feature definitely needs some options, it needs its own snap setting separate from the main snap setting for one.

  • Thanks, I generally go for the Auto setting to reduce the number of lines I need to look at. How do I add it? I never do it on purpose, am I triple clicking or ... ?

  • No, just single click in the ruler places the green play from arrow, it’s easy to do it by mistake really.

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