Scene launch options

First post and first of all I wanna thank you guys at Intua for all your hard work! BM3 is a fantastic DAW and it keeps getting better!

One feature that I feel is lacking a little is the scene launch. One crucial feature for me would be to have the ability to launch the next scene of clips once the current playing scene ends rather than just quantised to 1 bar 1/2 bar etc.
This would make live performance a lot easier as you wouldnt have to be on the clip launch page 1 bar before the next scene - which limits you if you want to trigger pads or fx using the ipad screen.

An extension to this would be follow on settings for clips. when you long press a clip in scene view a new option to give clips instructions to repeat x amount of times then play next scene etc. This would be nice but not crucial in the way i feel my first suggestion is.

Also, when you tap a clip on scene view rather than the scene number, it launches the whole scene that the clip is in, it would be great to be able to tap clips from different scenes and have them play independently rather then having all other tracks jump to the same scene.

So in short what i'm after, is for the clip view to behave more like ableton/launchpad app style launching to make live performance really powerful.


  • This has all been requested if you check in the request list under scenes.
    You can trigger individual clips in scene mode, you don’t have to trigger just scenes, just tap the clip itself ;)

  • Ah cool, I did do a search for "clip launch" and "scene launce" on forum search but came out with nothing lol. But good to know and thanks for letting me know!

    I try tapping the clip and it then just triggers the clips in the whole column for every channel. i'm not on 3.0.8 yet though. it's weird cause i will tap just the clip to say change the drums loop but keep all the rest the same but then it triggers the whole column

  • Ok this may have changed, i am going by the initial release of v3, but you used to be able to trigger just a pattern, i need to check i havent give you bad info because it has changed since.

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