Rozeta Bassline / TroubleMaker weird issue when recording audio.

Ok, so I have a bank B1 with rozeta bassline on pad 1 and troublemaker on pad 4. I have 4 patterns but only 1 pattern in the song timeline. I have another Bank with kicks. This is BankA1.

In addition I have 4 audio banks, with loops I have recorded from the op-1.

My op-1 audio-out is connected to the Zoom U22 audio interface (this is not a midi interface). This is connected to the iPad using the usb/lightning adaptor. I haven’t got the usb/midi cable connected at all.

In my last recording (to audio track 4) I noticed that new midi notes were being added to the rozeta bank pattern. The pattern has also increased in length, from 8 bars to 17bars (the length of the audio recording).

Basically, the pattern I had in the song, midi notes have been written into the pattern when recording audio into Audio Track 4. No new midi notes where added to the kick drum patters. Is rozeta able to convert audio to midi?

This is the weirdest thing, sorry if I haven’t explained the problem properly. I’m not even sure this is a Bug, maybe there is some unique feature with AU/Midi that i’m not aware of.

Anyone else come across this?


  • This will always happen until MIDI track arm is added to BM3, when you are recording to an audio track, you are also recording every MIDI signal recieved too, because there is no way to 'un-arm' it.

    It is a common feature request since AU MIDI was incoporated, hopefully we will see it soon ;)

  • Thanks @5pinlink @StudioES for making things clearer.

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