Triplets & Saving Banks from ThumbJam

I have watched many tutorials on YouTube and searched on google so I’m getting somewhat familiar with BeatMaker 3. There are just 2 things I’m still trying to figure out.
I’m trying to insert a few triplets with percussion but I can’t quite get it. I see the triplet option in quantize but I’m just not getting it.

Also, I can import sounds from ThumbJam without issue but when I add another bank I want to switch to another instrument without the first bank switching to the same instrument.
Are there tutorials I just haven’t found on these subjects?

Thank you for tips and advice


  • Quantize is for quantizing, not note entry, look at the top right of the UI for snap settings, it will change your grid size (possibly says 16th auto)

    No idea what you mean about bank switching, can you explain a little more.

  • Dang man that was it. I think I see how to do triplets now.
    I’m going to do some more investigating on the second question so I can ask properly.
    Thank you for the triplets!

  • No problem, always ask, great bunch of users here, somebody will always help ;)

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