Sequencer: show muted tracks

When I inspect a pattern, I’d like to be able to see which if any pads are currently muted (‘M’). This would allow me to remove midi notes associated with muted sounds, and lessen the CPU/RAM load (assuming that muted samples contribute to the load).


  • There are two types of Mute available. One will mute just the audio (commonly just on the mixer) the other you have the choice of MIDI or MIDI+Audio (on pads in pad view)
    Both show when they are muted, do you mean directly inside the pattern on pad lanes ?

  • If a pad is MIDI muted, then my understanding is that the play button on the right hand side of the pattern lane would not light up and the associated pad sample/device would not currently be playing.

    I'm referring to the Audio Mute (and Solo) shown in the performance view (banks/pads) and the associated mixer.

    So I might have 15 loops playing, and using CPU/RAM, but 10 are Audio muted. I want to identify these 10 so that I can duplicate the pattern and optimise it by deleting MIDI notes associated with Audio mutes. There's no difference in the sound that I hear, but a big load is taken off the CPU/RAM.

    Now I could (and do) also use resampling to 'flatten' the banks into pads, for further manipulation, but at some point I'll want to strip the track back down to some constituent elements. So I need to have access to the optimised patterns at that point.

  • Mute in pad view can be either, not just audio as i stated earlier, look in settings to set it up ;) it is completely independent of the mixer mute/solo.

    I havent tested to see if MIDI mute saves CPU, but expected behaviour would be a yes.

  • Pads perform: Mute Behaviour = Mute Audio & MIDI. Ah ok, lightbulb moment ;), I'll test this tonight

  • Hopefully it will get you where you need to go, took a few iterations to get it workable for every use case so far ;)

  • Ok so I have pad mute behaviour set to Mute Audio & MIDI. The pad displays with an ‘M’ on it. But the pad still flashes, as the sequenced notes are still firing, and the playhead moves across the sample.

    Perhaps activating Mute mode and touching the pad does something else, but what I need is a persistent mute, which effectively turns off the MIDI sequencer for that pad/Track.

    Does that make sense?

  • If it still triggers midi its a bug

  • @5pinlink said:
    If it still triggers midi its a bug

    Bugs all over the place with this.

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    even when a pad is muted there is still midi data being sent. in the video you can see that
    there is conflict between channels- corresponding notes in a progressions will cut each other off. this is the case with AU, IAA and external equipment.
    i've been using Modstep to sequence BM3 sampler but doing this puts the zap on my pad and my head-
    it's too complicated, i don't know how much more routing i can take o_0
    the sequencer in Modstep works as expected. when a
    channel is muted no data is sent, so no conflict between progressions.
    i do prefer the layout of BM3 tho and would prefer just to stay there, so i really hope that this can get an update.

    how do you embed a vid??

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    double post

  • I have to be honest, I have no idea what is going on in that video (i am very slow sorry)

  • To embed a video just paste the link, no need to make it a link like you did, i have updated your post, just click edit post to see how ;)

  • @5pinlink said:
    I have to be honest, I have no idea what is going on in that video (i am very slow sorry)

    hehe. damn, thought using my electribe's lights might make it more interesting and easier.
    i'm not the best at explaining stuff.
    pad 1 has a long c3 note onit. this can be seen lighting up on the electribe
    pad 2 is muted. when a corresponding c3 note is input in BM3's sequencer on pad 2, it cuts off pad 1's note. you can see the duration change of the light when i do this.
    like panoramica mention, midi data must still be being sent when a pad is muted, causing notes on other pads to be cut off.
    maybe i should of used an AU or IAA and done a screen record.

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    Aaah so the electribe is monophonic or in a choke group or something, so when it recieves both notes it cuts out ??

  • i should just do a screen record with an app instead. only used the electribe because its got flashing lights :)
    thanks for the reply. appreciate it

  • @5pinlink said:
    If it still triggers midi its a bug

    Thanks, I’ve logged that here, with a video:

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