Known bug? Touching bank menu in pattern window crashes app

I've had this issue since 3.0. The pattern window has a bank menu and touching it crashes the app on a predictable basis. It's not needed there anyway so maybe the best thing to do is gut it? Just my opinion and observation.


  • what pattern window, the pattern editing view with piano roll? where's the bank menu?

  • Pattern sidebar... touches the bank label when a pattern is playing will crash the app fairly consistently

  • I still don't know where you mean ?

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    @5pinlink said:
    I still don't know where you mean ?

    @ronji @LucidMusicInc Do you mean just below the track helper when a pattern is playing in that selected bank or is the pattern playing in another bank? do you just touch the bank name text or the three dots to get it's context menu? And is it bank specific or all banks?

  • Any extra information on this crash would be most welcome!


  • Ok I’ve confirmed this. It’s not every time, but I’ve triggered it twice. So far it has been when double tapping the bank name/button at the top of the track helper. The first time I tried it, bm3 crashed immediately, but the second time I didn’t get a crash until after I had double tapped the bank name many many times and successfully being taken to the performance screen. Gonna record a video now.

  • I’ve had the crash occur without any playing involved, just double tapping the bank icon in the track helper. I’ve also bugged out the bank icon in the track helper to where it won’t do anything no matter how many times I tap it, it double tapping bank icons in the song view does take me to the performance screen. I’m not sure if it’s necessary to tap a pattern to activate it in order for double tapping the track helper bank icon to trigger the crash, but this has been intermittent for me. I’ve had it crash after less than 30 seconds of the app being open, and also after well over a couple minutes.

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    Another weird thing I’ve gotten to happen is double tapping the track helper bank icon stops taking me to the performance view but instead takes me to the mixer view. This video shows that, and while it takes a while to trigger each problem (going to mixer view, then finally crashing), I’ve had the crash happen in much less time by doing the same things. I realize that @LucidMusicInc is probably not tapping feverishly as I am in this video, but that shouldn’t really make much difference. I haven’t yet had this crash or any of the weirdness happen from a single tap, though.

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    Found it, on it, thanks!
    Edit: Fixed in 3.0.9.

  • Whew I’m not crazy after all, LOL, ;)

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    @ronji @LucidMusicInc @mathieugarcia thanks for this and the fix.

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