Can’t access drop box sync iPhone 7+ BM2

I have two iPhones and I wanted to transfer a project from my iPhone 5c with BeatMaker 2 to be able to load in my iPhone 7 Plus.

I was able to access Drop Box in the 5c and move the project to my main Dropbox folder but when I tried to do the same thing on the 7 Plus to access the project, the Dropbox interface would not come up.

I’d click the drop box icon in the sync section in the BM2 menu, I’d be prompted to allow DB to access my files and when I clicked “allow,” the screen would go back to the BM2 start up and ask if I want to load or start a new project.

I logged out of Dropbox on my iPhone 5c and closed BM2 on that device, thinking there could be some software conflict but that didn’t help.

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