Starred favourites are lost after database rescan.

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  • Just a rescan or a hard reset ?
    Not even sure if this is by design on a rescan either, i would have expected favourites to be stored with tags though, which is in the header of the file itself.

  • You know what, i have added this to the list but i think this is by design and should be so.
    Imagine a bank from the store, the developer of said bank favourites all their favourite bits, and tags everything.
    When you buy and download the pack, you want the tags but you don't want all their favourites.

    So a hard reset should always remove them, was it a hard reset or just a reset ?

  • "Rescan" will keep the current database file, rescan everything, keeping favorites.
    "Hard reset" will actually delete the database file and rebuild it from scratch.

    So, in general, you should be fine with the "Rescan"; hard reset would be handy if your database file gets corrupted.

  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
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    I went ahead and confirmed this since I had no favorites set yet. I tagged some favs, quit bm3, reopened it, did a database rescan, and now I got no favs again.

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    Directly Related:️-starred-banks-no-longer-starred-star-fixed#latest

    The edited date info for the original post was just when adding ‘[Fixed]’ to the title...

    But is it .. fixed..



  • Can't be fixed, @ronji confirmed it today ;)

  • Just reconfirmed again in case there was still any question =) it’s definitely not fixed, or at least it has been unfixed at some point

  • Question was quite rhetorical :p

    Hence my link!



  • Woop, new bug! Thanks for the report and sorry about the confusion!


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