Purchased sound packs don’t activate

Hi all. I just bought BM3 and also bought some sound packs. One of them (808s) works, but the others don’t appear on the purchased list no matter what I try. I saw a video on YouTube that recommended I restore them one at a time, but despite many tries, nothing.

I’ve tried changing conditions (after a reboot, with a song loaded, without a song loaded, etc.). This on a brand new iPad Pro. I’m not a neophyte with music gear (I have a full-on Logic desktop system), but this one’s got me scratching my head.



  • You will probably be best contacting Intua direct via email for this one, that will your quickest way to get it sirted (take holidays in to account for sure though)

    FYI they have had a few issues getting the store running well, issues like this they do fix as quick as possible, so dont worry too much.

  • You should be able to "repurchase" the pack, and if you've bought it already it should tell you that and then proceed to download. That's what I would try next, and if you get double charged then you should be able to prove it and get reimbursed for the second one, worst case.

  • I had this same issue, this is what I did to resolve it;

    • Open Beatmaker and visit the Sound Store when prompted.
    • Click My Purchases/Restore on the bottom right corner of the Sound Store.
    • Select the Bank you want to restore and hit the orange Restore button. I recommend restoring only one bank
      at a time.

    • There will be be a download prompt on the lower left corner of the screen. Open it to monitor the download
      progress. Do not exit the sound store page until completed.

    • When completed it will show a prompt that the Bank has successfully installed.

    • Repeat for any other purchased banks that did not install.
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