(Rozeta) snapshot per pattern

Just bought rozeta. Fun tools!

Would love to be able to lock a snapshot of Rozeta per BM3 pattern/scene clip via a simple 'one click'. Function could also come in handy for other AU instruments/fx.

Wondering if a 'pattern/scene snapshot' button could be added on AU keys view? Would be great if the snapshot also stored midi settings (pad vs bank), so could do some interesting stuff switching between those two options per pattern (would also be cool to be able to automate that midi setting per beat etc via normal automation?). Maybe both of these kind of function options already exists with workarounds and someone can advise? I'll have another fiddle round with it tonight.

Only had half hour on Roseta but seems really useful/creative, tho can feel quite clunky workflow in terms of views/page switching etc. Not sure how much can be done to smooth that out tho?

Great job @brambos and @mathieugarcia excited to spend some more time exploring this asap :)

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