Au midi Learn.. Help!

Just copped a nanokey studio. Seems pretty cool so far (wishing it had a step sequencer tho....).

For some reason I thought BM3 had midi Learn on AU params for hardware knobs? Doesn't seem the case tho?

Am I missing something? I can assign AU params to macros and that's working fine with the Nanokey, but often I just wanna quickly assign a param to record some automation or whatever and the macros route doesn't feel as streamlined as I'm used to when assigning midi Learn in other environments. Any tips would be great, thanks.


  • Ah man, that kinda sucks you can't midi Learn AU params :( I had to sacrifice batteries to my kids so can't test with Cubasis atm. Anyone know if it works on there (at least for instruments like Zeeon and Model 15 that have inbuilt midi learn?).

    Really hope intua can add this soon... My own fault for assuming stuff I guess, used to having it in other daws etc, but at least it seems like an obvious feature to implement eventually.

    Can't really comment on nanokey studio yet, only had a minute on it. But seems pretty cool for portable physical unit. The Bluetooth connection and latency are both fine. Keys feel like will take a little getting used to. X/y pad seems like will be useful to have alt/extra performance options. I need to connect to the nanokey editor and set up some BM3 scenes. Haven't tried syncing the nanokey arpeggios to BM3 yet, hoping won't find problems when I do. There's no bpm display so I'm screwed if they won't sync :/

  • Soooo... I got some more batteries and checked cubasis. Cubasis allows me to midi Learn Zeeon. And the cubasis windows ui workflow is super slick compared to BM3. But cubasis is super dull and limited overall. Ugh. IOS is agony..... Y'all deserve medals ;)

    @mathieugarcia is AU midi Learn on its way in the foreseeable future?

  • This would be great.

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