'MIDI AU' pads auto-open 'MIDI AU' UI

Just started to build a crazy Rozeta battlefield bank. A ton of different Rozeta instances on pads. And a ton of connected synths and samples on pads. 64 pads total.

@mathieugarcia it would be great if there was an option or mode where pads that don't make noise by themselves would auto open their UI when their pad was tapped. So could fly around different UI's a bit more fluidly without having to 'select pad > hit the keys icon'. Would just feel more 'connected'... or something...

And if split screen windows ever arrived... There's potentially screen space for 32 rozeta pads/instances in bottom window + the currently selected pad's rozeta UI in top window. Would be amazing.


  • It would need to be a new button on the right though, i often use the pad to test Rozeta Arps, then flip to keys to play them.
    Could just be me though.

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