New Automation Mode

Have a new Automation mode for double tapping to add a handle and then you can only move a handle that you are tapped on. If I tap a handle, then no matter where my finger moves on the screen ONLY that handle moves. I don't care if there is a handle to the left or right, if I tapped on a single handle then until my finger comes off the screen, I ONLY want that specific handle to be adjusted. If I want to adjust the one on the left or right of it, then I have to pick up my finger and tap that specific handle. This would allow for precision, IMO.


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    Essentially grid would draw. Automation handles would be locked to a finger hold or their grid placement when you move them. A new MODE wouldn’t be necessary I think.

  • Yeah, either way would work for me. The current model where you run your finger across and create them as you drag is completely counter intuitive to the way it works on a regular old DAW.

  • Also make it a floating window or something to where we can enlarge it to see what is going on. Grabbing the first note is extremely hard to since it hides under the box line. Bm2 had a great view of automation when you can see the whole process.

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