Settings behavior or option to hear/record linked pads in the Pattern Editor.

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I’m going to do my best to explain the bare necessity as to why I believe this needs to be implemented.

While not necessarily important for production in BM3 since things can move a little slower, Performance on the other hand needs to be fast fast when moving about pads and banks. In my time with the linking ability of pads I’ve found them so incredibly useful that without them things just would be impossible to perform. I am so greatful this feature even exists...but...yep here’s the but...

I’m bouncing through banks like a pro now and using the linking ability to sometimes trigger pads out of reach, like for example on other pages (1-2 or 1-8 depending on 16/64 pads View) or even on certain controllers where maybe the pad you are trying to reach is well...out of reach.

Mind you, these are empty linked pads in my case. They produce no sound, just midi. The same applies if it wasn’t empty. The problem arises when I hit record in a live performance (say capturing a pattern without anyone knowing. The metronome is off) Guess what? No audio is outputted from the opposing pad you didn’t play in relation to the pattern midi that was recorded in from a linked pad.

So the request has options. Trigger the same pads that do have the audio samples after recording a pattern. OR...

A SETTINGS behavior that will record both pads to the pattern editor simultaneously.

If no one understands, I can post a video. I just really think this would be useful for any performers out there.



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    In all honesty, this equally is important on the production side. Two pads only captures the one you play. Meaning if your triggering sounds this way in production. Your only option is to resample for the pad you didn’t play. That’s fine for some, but as far as a performers perspective. It’s not gonna work to our advantage because we can’t resample and perform pads simultaneously.

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