Xmas Battle Vote Thread

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Here are the entries for the Xmas compo, post your vote for winner.
Anymore entries, add them to the original post before the end of day today ;)













  • Get your vote on !!!

  • Okay so I want to make my comments on everyone's tracks congratulating them for such amazing work:

    @dafingaz you truly showed BM3 doing everything without any hiccups, and this is a great hip hop track IMO. unique sounds, good flow, great job. Good mixer window view from the video as well! Mix is tight.

    @DeanDaughters you just make me so damn happy! We all need that! Great production work as well, there's samples in there that just fit absolutely perfectly. I do feel like the kid from a Christmas story that just got his Bebe gun! Keep making everyone happy!

    @ronji Best in symphony and play to the original song. The bass is well thought out and you are in fact, the little drummer boy! Keeps the energy too! Towards the ending I really start feeling this track. Is epic.

    @denx Dude... Please make more in the future. I love the lofi, I love the trip, I love all the weirdness. I've not done many drugs, but I'll say if I ever do. I'm putting this on. There's more here than what meets the eye.

    @Sygma and @tk32 You both are hitting some of my weak spots. Vaporware heaven. @Sygma massive props on combining electronics with the sound of acoustic drum samples. I arpeggiated myself. The progression is so nice @tk32 way to do the same and synth it up and make me arpeggiate myself three times. Lots of work to do 3 songs. With your main song being based on real world issues, it makes it stronger. So thanks alot guys for making my vote extremely difficult. Off to watch Blade Runner or Stranger things.

    @5pinlink you deserve a vote. care very much iof your acts of kindness in this beat battle. I still want to share the love. You always go out of your way. Plus if you aren't posted in this list, we will miss out on the irony that there would be 9 reindeer! ;)

    @triton100 club banger in the house! My PA is rocking this. Wife is shaking the thing, 2 year old is shaking the thing. I don't know where you got your Christmas samples from but this track in bouncin. Glad you beat the audio stutter and instead came out thumping.

    Good luck to all! This vote is hard. :)

  • @mefisme thank you, you made my day :)
    For the record, I barely even touch alcohol ;)

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  • Gahh... I just remembered how much I hate the voting stage. Even more so with prizes on the line.

    I think I know how I'm going to vote... but need to mull it over a bit longer if that's OK?

    Nice work everybody, btw - and enormous praise to @5pinlink for everything he's done to support this community.

    One request for everyone reading this... please spread the word about these battles, and do all you can to attract even more users to join the fun over the coming months. I'm hosting the next challenge, so will be posting the rules in the next few days.

  • So how we voting? Is there a voting tab or radio buttons. Or we just put in who we like? Do we list the top 3 or only one?

  • @chaztrip
    Unless @5pinlink indicates otherwise...

    Post the name of your favourite entry (1 vote)

  • What he said ;)

  • This is the hardest one to choose yet!
    I know how busy it is this time of year guys, so serious extra kudos to all of you who got something entered!
    Triple kudos to @tk32 for the extras! <3

    Not a fan of public voting, (as I feel feelings can get hurt, which could potentially lower future participation) but I
    understand your reasoning for doing it this way, @5pinlink

    My choice for the win is @mefisme

    The way you combined the ideas here is really creative, made my silly rapping look even more silly by comparison, and overall I think was just really well put together. :) :) :) :) :)

  • My vote then is
    @DeanDaughters For the only reason....well many but I drove my teenage daughters crazy singing this over and over and over. Come on now get next to me. LOL.

    All tracks were great.

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    After much deliberation...

    "Ho ho ho and Jingle Jingle, Mr @DeanDaughters wins my Christingle."

    Love the family-friendly joyous vibe, celebration and promotion of BM3, and not to mention that pin-sharp syncopated cadence of your lyrical flow(!). It's the entry that put the biggest smile on my face.. so that makes it my winner. Congrats!

    Vote totals (so far):

  • My vote goes to @dafingaz. Well done everyone =) This was a tough round to vote on. I know it doesn’t make a difference but @tk32 and @mefisme were my runners up!

  • I vote for @DeanDaughters for his great track! Congratulations to all the other, with a special mention to @mefisme for his last minute contribution ;)

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    Dean takes an early lead with 4 votes.

    Joint second (1 vote each) is Mefisme and Dafingaz

    Who's next to vote?...

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    Only 6 votes received so far.

    ... Where did everybody go?

  • Going for @mefisme on this one but was tough to call. Great job peeps and cool community battle vibes and prizes @5pinlink :)

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    • 1 on all the positieve feedback :)
      I vote for @ronji
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    That was supposed to be a plus sign :neutral:

  • Current totals:

    1. @DeanDaughters (4 votes)
    2. @mefisme (2 votes)
    3. @dafingaz & @ronji (1 vote each)
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    FYI - the new Jan-Feb battle rules will hopefully be posted tomorrow :)

    Quick quesiton.. Is there any suggestions for things we could think about changing for the battle format going forward?

  • Sorry but how to vote ? How to play ? What are the rules #iamanewbie

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    How to vote: listen to all of the entries in the first post of this thread, decide which you like best, then make a comment on this thread with that person’s forum name. =)

    How to play: look for the new battle thread that hopefully will be posted tomorrow!

  • @tk32 I can’t really think of anything that needs to change about the format. All I can think of that would be nice is a way to get the word out more somehow. All caps title for all those who browse the forums but somehow have no idea that there’s a battle going on?

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  • Damn, I didn’t even consider that issue, @triton100. A dedicated panel of judges would be cool, or perhaps the winner of the previous battle, the one who started the current battle, is the primary judge of their battle! Maybe we put a poll in place for forum user’s choice award? =p

  • My vote is @ronji
    So are we done here ?
    Dean gets the prize ?

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  • Shall we keep votes open for another 12 hours?

    Last chance for votes everyone!!

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    Ho ho ho and jingle jingle! :D
    A mighty big thank you to everyone who voted for my single! <3

    (Seriously though, I am imagining the amazing genre-bending jams we would create if we were all in the same room! :o :p :p )

    My biggest ups to everyone who participated and to @5pinlink for hosting the battle. B)

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