Quasimidi - 309 - 5pinlink custom sounds

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  • Great sounds in here! Thanks @5pinlink

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  • @5pinlink top hits! Thanks man. You’ve done a few kits now haven’t you? Have I missed any? :wink:

  • They will all be listed in the sticky post mate ;)

  • My sympathies for the loss of your 309. I remember drooling over the brochure when it came out.. one of the first generation of grooveboxes.

  • Was a few years back now, absolute piece of crap, had it from the day it came out, the controls on the synth all suffered from bad zipper noise, programming the sequencer was an exercise in self harm, the headphone output had more noise on it than a HiHat and overall the build quality was "Built in somebodies shed"
    To be fair the zipper noise was gone in the later firmware that came with the synth/drum upgrades, so it wasn't all bad hahaha, but i don't miss it.

  • @5pinlink said:
    Webpage | Dropbox
    Size = 6.8mb
    Thanks to @ronji for hosting the files.
    The samples used here were recorded from my 309 before it died, non of these sounds are stock on the 309, these are heavily resynthesised and effected this is a small bank to celebrate the 3.0.9 release (Yeah i'm early :)
    There is a bunch of drum hits a couple of noises and a few nice Neurofunk bass presets.

    I would suggest using the Forum Folder Structure and extract these straight to the Instruments folder, i will do an install video when i'm not so tired.

    3.09 ………………………………………… I m like a child waiting in front of the chrismas tree

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