Greetings from an old school Reason user!

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Just found this app by accident while browsing the 50-most popular paid for apps on the app store. I have to hand it to Intua, this is one sweet application for my iPhone. I've been a Reason user since the 1.0 days and have followed countless threads at the Phead forums that have begged for a mini-version of Reason for a smartphone. Although BeatMaker will never replace Reason, it's a great companion for quick "out-of-the-pocket" composing when you're on the go (or on the loo)! ;-P

I'm looking forward to where this application goes; 1.0 shows a lot of promise. It reminds me of the early days of Reason - a great application but you just *KNEW* that future releases would keep blowing people away (and the Propellerheads have not disappointed).

Congrats to Intua on one of the finest applications for the iPhone for us musicians on the go - keep up the good work!

Might I suggest though, please increase the font-size on the homepage (of BeatMaker, that is). It's so freak'n small I have to strain to see the pixel-sized print on my iPhone screen! Users won't mind scrolling down more to read larger fonts if it means keeping their eyes from bleeding. ;-P

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