Cannot open app 3.09 (Solved)

edited January 2018 in Fixed Bugs

For some reason after the update I’m unbable to open the app. It’s stuck at the home page and the little wheel is turning non stop. Not sure what it’s loading. Did a restart of my iPad already, same. Closed all other apps same. iOS 11.2.2 iPad Air 2 128gb.


  • Idem iPad air 1 latest iOS

  • I just posted in the other thread. It will be solved if you wait a few minutes.
    This only happens on the first launch after the update, next launch will be normal.

  • Give it some time, it is updating the database. Can take a while if you have a lot of files!


  • Thanks guys if you’re like me and have a lot in BM3, you might want to put auto lock to never while the database is updating. It doesn’t not update when the iPad is locked or when the app is in the background.

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