Taps should always open views, not close them

The update intoduced a very nice feature: the macro’s that can be tweaked directly from the sampler view. It gives me the kind of relief you can experience when a noise suddenly stops, that you didn’t even notice was bothering you before. Such a nice feeling :)

I know this has been requested before in another form, but I would like to reformulate it as stated above. I think that if e.g. the toolbar on the left would remain visible, it would give me the same kind of relief. It would probably not reduce the number of taps in a big way, but not having to close currently full screen views could change how it feels to do stuff in BM in a big way (for me at least). Like you’re always moving forward.

Anyways, thanks for the update!


  • Oh dear, just discovered the button, sorry.

  • But...
    In this example I still have to either tap the keyboard icon or the X to go back to the sampler. That’s not bad, I just think it could be better.

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