It takes an age to import soundpacks in 3.0.9

Good morning,

Last night I got the update to 3.0.9 and, whilst I'm pleased it now says in the store which soundpacks I've purchased (nice of you to do that as the update means I have to download them all again), does it really have to take such an amazingly long time to import a soundpacks once it is downloaded? Even tiny soundpacks make me feel myself ageing as they import! Why is this, is there a way of speeding up the process and if not can you patch 3.0.9 to fix this tiresome process with incredible alacrity?

I've got an iPad Pro, it is impossible that a few megabyte download archive of any format should take over ten minutes to be imported. Given that it takes an age to install any soundpacks, it should not then cancel the process and mean I have to start it all again if the screen times out.

When I first used v3 I was really impressed with it and spent a fortune from my disabled persons' income on soundpacks, some of which I'm sure I got twice because of the (then) lacking information about if you had already bought one. Given that this update makes it nigh impossible to use those enthusiastically priced soundpacks I crippled myself financially to get I would be very pleased to get a resolution to this issue pretty sharpish.



  • Hopefully @mathieugarcia will see this but he has mentioned a 3.10 hotfix for the slow installs, hopefully it covers this too ??

  • Took the time to speed up the import process a bit, also it is more robust now.

    However database update gets slower when the database grows bigger.

    Got some other improvements as well, for the upcoming updates!

  • I updated...all the packs didn’t have to be reloaded?
    I have also repressed the buy button, and it doesn’t charge you again?
    But yes, the import from store process is the longest of long ever...taking over 20-30 minutes sometimes.
    Will be glad when this is fixed =)

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