Multisample Import/convert?

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First post. This community seems pretty awesome - it’s great to see such engagement - this is actually what tipped the scale for me and convinced me to jump in and buy the app. thanks!!

I do have a question -
So in my searches - I can’t seem to find anything about this in the manual or on this forum - so I thought I’d just ask!

I’ve curated a pretty massive sample library over the years for an array of different sampler and plugins (my go-tos are NI (kontakt & Battery) as well as Logic EXS. I would love to import some of these into BeatMaker - as rebuilding them all from scratch makes me twitch with fear a little...

My cascading question:
* Are there any formats that BM3 natively supports? I.e. Soundfont (.sf2 or .sfz) or .EXS or whatever? I have the Chickensys Translator software that can convert anything to anything pretty much (except to .bkm3 - obviously)
* If there are not, is there a workflow, perhaps, that anyone could suggest to make the task easier? I’m not freaked out so much by having to remap one-shot drum kits - it’s the multisampled instruments that concern me.

Any help is appreciated!!

Joey B.


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